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OLE for Process Control (OPC)


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OPC Servers

OPC Servers


Resource Solutions has been developing device drivers for over 18 years. Since the last 6 years Resource Solutions has been developing OPC Servers for other companies. Now, Resource Solutions decided to take it's knowledge in writing proprietory drivers and turn them into OPC Servers for themselves.

An OPC Server allows your system to connect to a proprietory system without your system having to know how. Then your system can connect to our OPC Server over the standard OPC protocol. It's that easy.

Currently we are going through the list below of OPC Servers and developing them on demand.

The OPC Servers come with a dongle and license file. Demos, that run all devices for 2 hours, are avaliable without a license file for your OPC Server.

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OLE for Process Control (OPC)

OPC is open connectivity via open standards. They fill a need in automation like printer drivers did for Windows. See the summary of current and emerging OPC Specifications and OPC Certification. OPC is open connectivity in industrial automation and the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications. There are currently seven standards specifications completed or in development. Based on fundamental standards and technology of the general computing market, the OPC Foundation adapts and creates specifications that fill industry-specific needs. OPC will continue to create new standards as needs arise and to adapt existing standards to utilize new technology. For more information on OPC see

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OPC Server Development

If you need an OPC Server and we do not currently have it, we can develop it for you. Depending on complexity, we could have your OPC Server finished in a week. Allow our highly qualified OPC Server development group to meet your demands! In order to develop an OPC Server that is not on the list below, the protocol documentation is required. Please contact

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Some of our Customers

The following companies use our OPC Servers:

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OPC Servers that are avaliable

Here is the list of OPC Servers that are a currently planned or finished. Please contact if your server is not on the list.

OPC Server List      
Category/Klasse Name OPC Server History DB Status
    This is only used for opc servers that handle more than one type of device, which belong together, according to manufacturer. Writes designated values to an ODBC database. Empty=Planned
  Labor Strauss Brand LBC  
  Esser BMZ 3008    
  Siemens SDN-RING Brand    
  Hekatron BMZ    
  Zettler Brandmeldesystem Filnet  Available
  Siemens SIGMASYS  SigmaSys  Available
  GreCon BS7 Funkenlöscher    
  Lites MHU 109 Brandmeld.    
  Caradon Gent System 3400    
  Zettler BMCI AED  Available
  Siemens SIGMAPORT SigmaSys  Available
  Esser BMZ 8008 Esser
  Cerberus BMZ CS11 Cerberus  Available
  Schrack BMZ MAXIMA (ZZK)    
  Methec BMC 90    
  DBM BMZ    
  FAST2000 BMZ Filnet  Available
  Tyco ZX BMZ VMX ZX/MX Expert  Available
  EsserNet EsserNet  Available
  ATS Intrusion ATS  
  Siemens SDN-RING Einbr.    
  Sentrax Bodenmeldersys.    
  Esser EMA 5007 Esser  
  Zettler Einbruch Filnet  Available
  Securiton Einbruch    
  Zettler Uni-Zentrale Filnet  Available
  Esser EMA 5008    
  Labor Strauss Einbruch LBC  
  Cerberus Einbruch CS440 Cerberus  Available
  Aritech CD95 Einbruchmel    
  Wegotronic BC, Sensoren Wego  
  Eff Eff Zentr. 561-MB100    
  Hi Sec - THOR Intrusion HiSec  
  Eff Eff Zentr. 561-MB256    
  ABI MC1500 Gef.meldsyst. ABIMC1500  
  Bosch UEZ 2000  Bosch UGM  Available
  Bosch UGM EAPS 3-5 Bosch UGM  Available
  Siemens SM88 SigmaSys  Available
  Securiton Pro    
  Siemens SM-PORT SigmaSys  Available
  Bosch UGM EAPS 6 Bosch UGM  Available
SNMP SNMP Yes  Available
  Securiton Pro R01.03.00    
  Zettler Netzwerk Filnet  Available
  Zettler AED Protokoll AED  Available
  Schneider Protokoll Schneider  
  MTR 21xx Protokoll MTR  
  Northern Protokoll Northern  
  Ernitec IEC Protokoll Ernitec  
  Cotag Protokoll Cotag  Available
  Stentofon ISO Protokoll Stentefon  
  cc2000 Protokol CC2000  
  Sdn Protokoll Sdn  
  Cerberus Proto MK7022 Cerberus  Available
  Commend GE100 Protokoll Commend  
  Schrack ZZKE Protokoll Schrack  
  Gunnebo Wego Protokoll Wego  
  MANIAGO HENSS TSS Proto ManiagoHens  
  Eff Eff Isgis-Lan Proto EffEff  
  Hi Sec - THOR Base Prot. HiSec  
  ABI MC1500 Protokol ABI MC1500  
  Siemens SiPort Proto VMX Siport  Available
  Nedap Protokoll Nedap  
  Tyco ZX Protocol ZX/MX Expert  Available
  Cotag Transparent Cotag  Available
  Northern Forwarding Northern  
  Gantner Transparent Gantner  
  Telenot T608    
  DigiFon TDS 3000 S    
  Wachtel-Technik Digem    
  Telenot T75    
  Schott - Simatic Net    
  ICT Show-Steuerung    
  Ascom DiriCall-Anlage    
  Cerberus Gas CS60  Cerberus  Available
  Schneider Muxer (S.A.M.)    
  MTR 21xx Muxer    
  Ernitec Muxer    
  Cotag Muxer Cotag  Available
  Zettler 32 I/O System  Filnet  Available
  American Dynamics Alarm    
  Heimann VKH1000 Kontakte    
  Stentofon Rio-Modul    
  CC2000 Muxer CC2000  
  Commend GE 100 Muxer Commend  
  Wegotronic BC, Kontakte Wego  
  MANIAGO HENSS TSS Muxer ManiagoHens  
  TeleControl Kontakte    
  Siemens SiPort Kontakt Siport  Available
  Nedap Muxer Nedap  
Building Automation      
  Staefa Control GLT    
  Siemens Siclimat X    
  Johnson Control GLT    
  SAIA DDC    
  Profibus GA Profil    
  Janitza Univ. Messgerät    
  Virtueller Zähler    
  Frako Starkstrombus    
  Landis & Staefa SGU BA    
  Trend Datei Handler    
  Interbus S Client    
  Profibus FMS    
  Thomas Parkhaus    
  BACNET  BACNET   Available
  Modbus Driver    
  Honeywell DDE Excel 5000    
  TOA ELA    
  MTR 21xx Audio    
  SAP ELA    
  Peicom ELA    
  Commend GE100 ELA    
  TOA GELA    
  EFE Zellensprechanlage    
  Schneider Sprechsysteme    
  Ericsson ASA    
  Stentofon AlphaCom    
  Commend GE100 Gela    
  EFELI Zellensprechanlage    
  EFE Master    
  Ericsson Pager    
  Philips Pager    
  Motorola Pager    
  Schneider Pager    
  Short Messaging Services    
  Ascom Tateco Pager    
  SMTP Mail Driver    
  Paging Blick    
  Ericsson Pager PSP1    
  ESPA 4.4.4 Gateway  ESPA 4.4.4   Available
  ESPA-X Gateway  ESPA-X   Available
  Tetronik DAKS (ESPA-X)  ESPA-X   Available
  Thyssen Lift    
  Krone Lift    
Skype Skype  Available
  Siemens Hicom    
  Tapi Telefon    
  Capi Telefon    
  ATS Videokreuzschiene  ATS  
  Grundig VAZ 300    
  Siemens Simatrix Simatrix  
  Burle Videokreuzschiene    
  American Dynamics Camera    
  Sony Kamerasteuerung    
  Heimann VKH 80    
  Linke VKS    
  MTR 21xx Kamerasteuerung Mtr  
  Ernitec Video Ernitec  
  Heimann VKH1000 Video Heimann  
  Schneider Soft Video Schneider  
  Philips VKS    
  Siemens Simatrix 648 Simatrix  
  Geutebrueck GST    
  ips C20/F20c    
  Telecontrol Video    
  cc2000 CP    
  Argovision (TVI Lederer)    
Video Recorder      
  cc2000 VRec    
  T1600 Druckerausgang    
  Blackbox Funkkonsole    
  Schneider 7T    
  Bosch Telecom Funk RP201    
  MAP 27    
  Ascom telePROTECT 900    
  Deister Funk    
  Meier EDV - BASIS-ÜBVR