Main Feature
Some of the main features of Wow BMS/EMS and DCIM Monitoring!

Graphic Display

The display frame is the main frame for visualization. There is one main display and any number of sub display frames.  In the display frames, all the graphic elements are placed.  This shows the actual status and can send commands through scripting.

Alarm List

The alarm list frame shows all statuses that are considered abnormal by the configuration.  Each status can be designated as abnormal and needing attention.  Each object can also get its own status configuration, so that the status means something different for each sensor.  A script can also be associated with a sensor and when the alarm list entry is clicked on the script is executed allowing for dynamic alarm text creation, sending emails, changing status, sending commands to devices, the possibilities are limitless.

Alarm Info

The alarm info frame allows for a user to add information about an alarm or event.  The information is logged and can be used in future reference to the event/alarm.

Alarm Text

The alarm text frame can show any kind of text or graphic, especially suited for HTML or PDF.  The text can come out of a file or be dynamically created through a script.


The video frame takes a input from a graphic card, or frame grabber card.  It can also show web cameras.


The chat frames allows all stations to chat about current events.

Object Tree

The object tree shows workstations, sensors, and displays in a tree format.  By clicking on the tree items, the main graphic display will switch to the associated display.  This frame has a handy search possibility for easy sensor finding.