Main Feature
Some of the main features of Wow BMS/EMS and DCIM Monitoring!

WowBMS/EMS and DCIM Monitoring Solutions

OPC Clients

OPC is the modern technology for connecting devices and systems.  WowBMS can connect to any OPC Server.

OPC Servers

Resource Solutions, the creator of WowBMS/EMS has its own line of OPC Servers, so it is all in one hand.

Raw Data Conversion

Since OPC Server data comes in many forms, WowBMS/EMS allows easy and advanced conversion of raw data.


Resource Solutions has been working with devices and their protocols for over 21 years now.  We have written over 166 device drivers.  Some of the main automation protocols: BACNet, Profinet, Knx/EIB, LON, Modbus, Profibus, M-Bus, and Hart, for example.

SQL Import/Export

WowBMS/EMS can import and export data to any ODBC database.  This can be made even more advanced by scripting!


WowBMS/EMS has its own JavaScript engine built in, with special functions for Drawing, Data Conversion, Exporting to Excel, Controlling devices, and much more.